Strategy or feelings? Head or heart?

9 07 2008

Strategy. At 14 going onto 15, you tend to wonder what does this really have to do with me?

Since I am a student, perhaps I should explain alittle about the education system in Singapore.
We go through a compulsory 6 years of primary school and then we get sent to a secondary school of another 4 to 5 years, depends on which stream you are put into. I will complete 4 years of secondary school education because I am i the express stream.

At secondary 3, we have to make this big decision on what subjects we wish to take and are streamed into appropriate classes. At this point of our education, it is no longer a game of brains and knowledge but of strategy. Now I am in a dilemma.

I am very weak in my mother tongue or second language. Before the June holidays, my teacher told me that I should consider taking the Basic syllabus. Recently, I have thought alot of that option. Sadly, when I saw the paper my teacher showed me, I was surprised to see that the paper was easier than expected. Personally, after looking at the paper, I wonder if taking the basic syllabus might be showing everyone that I’m taking the easy way out. Strategy wise, it is the right thing to do so I can concentrate on other subjects.

So which way do I go?

Struggle through something I might fail again or take the easy way out and focus my energy somewhere else?

I’ll get back to you on this.




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