Time to Get Smart.

7 07 2008

get smartWow. Get Smart is an excellent movie, full of comedy to the extent you have to perfectly time when you are going to eat your popcorn to prevent it coming out your nose or getting choked on it. I’ll tip my hat to everyone involved in the movie. Action and comedy all rounded in one; only way to describe it.

In tis movie you learn that knowing your enemies and their lives can help in a big way. You can either used it against your enemy or to get you out of a dangerous situation. Agent 86 a.k.a Max researched his enemies every well that when he was in a life threatening situation, he was sympathetic towards his enemy and gained his enemy’s trust. We all can learn from this, even in the business world.

By knowing your competition’s weaknesses or/and strenghts, you are able to munipulate these factors and use it to your advantage. Learn from your competition and get into their mind.

I’m not sure if this should go up but I’m putting it here anyway. This is useful in the dating world too. Learn your love interest favorite dinning area, flower, sweets and interest but don’t seem too stocker-ish. Birng up alittle things casually.

Anyway, it is always good to know things about people.

Time to get smart huh?




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