Lastest in entertainment!!!

6 07 2008

I think we human beings are completely bored out of our minds sometimes. It is so true! We are so lame and so bored that for entertainment, we scare ourselves. Ha! Lame right?

Do we really have nothing better to do but scare the living soul out of us? Now, there are so many horror films and scary shows which tv stations play at about 10 o’clock every night. Perfect timing for a scary movie if I must say.

Today, I went to K’s church fun fair and she was in the haunted house ( it is no where close to halloween and they have a haunted house???) I went in with Becks and K’s younger sister, cass and all her friends the first time I went in. It was very good. Sadly, they didn’t scare me. I’m SERIOUS!!! I went in and all I had to remember was that it was just K and her idiot friends and also that it was just like walking on a play set surrounded by very good actors. Every body’s acting was fantastic. We saw a clown and said hi to it and we say K and we said hi to her while Cass and her friends were screaming away. We got lost , well kindda, we didn’t know where to turn next and I had a bunch of screaming girls surronding me and the zombies and ghost were closing in on us. I asked one of them which was we had to go and she pointed to go into a hole through this wooden fencing. No one wanted to go in so me and Becca took the first step through saw some ‘scary’ stuff and made it to the exit safely.

The second time I went in The ghost started breaking the chain me and my friends had because all my other friends were scared out of their wits. They started touching us instead of just standing there. It was fun. I was the last one to leave the haunted house and I turned back and I saw all of them laughing. 

We love the adrenaline rush in our veins. ONe of the best ways of being entertained. Lol

I loved today.




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