Change and people who make them

1 07 2008

I was watching a video on my previous post about ellen discussing a tragic death of an openly gay boy, Larry King.

After watching the video for about 5 times in the past week, I viewed it again in tribute of Larry. This time instead of concerating what Ellen had to say about the suituation, I was focused on he being gay and her coming out despite being the most hated or laughed at woman in Hollywood. Her coming out has invited many others to do so as well. Ellen is a hero to many and is a role model to all. She is to me. You know how everyone says, one person can change the world? Ellen has just proven that pharse. More people are coming out and more people are accpeting that their bestfriend just might be gay.

Ellen did change the world. She didn’t do it alone. She had the support of her friends, producers, writers, family and fans. People accepted that their favorite comedian is gay and now Ellen’s daytime tv show is very popular with many stars being featured. Ellen came out from hiding. Many people followed. Many more accepted that there are gays in the community of the United States.

Ellen spoke her mind and she told the truth. Someone else did the same. George Carlin.Some of you would know about George Carlin’s death. Tragic. He was an entertainer who didn’t care or worry about other people and always spoke his mind. This gave him his humour, finding loop holes and twisting reality. I didn’t want to blog about his death. It is a sad thing. I didn’t want to blog about it. d

I will say proudly that George and Ellen have changed the world in their own ways. This world and its people should always be ready for change. It will come and it can never be avoided.




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1 07 2008
nb bhutto

me tooooooooo

2 07 2008
Omar Viazcan

Interesting perspective on how to change the world. Sexual liberation is quite a wide topic, but I try to define “changing the world” in a wider term in this vlog post. I’d love to read your comments and thoughts:

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