Why I’m thinking of having a web show.

29 06 2008

This has been on my mind for a long time. I was wondering what it would be like, having people watch me either being really random or making complete sense. I got the whole idea from watching how hilarious my life can be and Nickelodeon’s new tv show, i-carly.

Sometimes I think that maybe it would be a better way to express myself to the world or at least the online world. I’m not sure if I should. I’m on the verge of deciding. There is so much to worry about. What to talk about? What to wear? Who to feature in a show? What if people think I am a joke?

Alot of these questions I can overcome. I am a drama student/actress in training. I know most of the tricks behind threathe and film.It’s what to say and everything else which I have to worry about.


May be I should re think this.




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