Lessons we learn from fishes.

22 06 2008

I am going to combine two post into one. This post is about fish teaching people life lessons. Sounds strange? Well, it is. When I was thinking about it, it made sense in a strange way.

Well, while we were at Tioman, Pahang Malaysia, we went snorkelling on our 2nd and 3rd day.

On tghe second day, we were snorkelling ‘out at sea’ which was organised from the hotel. The current was very strong and we held on to the ropes of the platform as so not to float away.  We watched the fishes struggle against the current. They never stopped once. They kept on pushing against the current. They never gave up.

We should be like the fishes. When life gets rough and difficult we should just continue pushing on. We will get where we want to go eventutally. We have to work hard and keep trying. Push ourselves beyond our limits.

On the 3rd day we went snorkelling at Marine Park. There were alot more fishes and the area was in away enclosed. The current wasn’t that strong. We saw all sorts of fishes swimming together and working as a community. Big fish, small fish, gray fish, colourful fish all living peacefully together.

That got me thinking. If fishes of different species can live peacefully together and show no signs of discrimination, why can’t humans? We had plenty of discrimination in the years. People are arrogant and think they are better than everyone else and guess what! The war in Iran or Iraq (can’t remember which one) against the Americans has occurred.

Lessons that fish need to teach us. No wonder they like school so much.




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