Dear World…

7 05 2008

Dear world,
                If you have noticed the extremely ridiculous weather conditions we are facing, thank you for being so observant. Now everyone is frantically trying to reverse the effects that have damaged our home, Earth. Honestly, it doesn’t seem to be working.
In fact, people are becoming even more arrogant saying that they don’t have anything to do with the hole in the ozone layer or the ice melting at the poles.
Now, I am not going to promote the 3 Rs cause that would be a complete waste of space and because everyone has already heard it about 500 times.
Instead, I propose we all grow gills or gain the ability to stay underwater for a long period of time without having to go onto dry land (since it is going to be gone any way as in ice at the poles are melting and land will flooded). Well, I guess there is no point taking this seriously because no matter how much effort people put into promoting “SAVE THE EARTH”, there will always people who will tear this campaign down. Either they won’t help it and throw more ‘useless’ garbage in to the oceans or complain that no one is doing anything when they themselves aren’t doing anything.

To the people who are trying to save the earth, I support you all the way. I hope your good intentions and deeds have some results.

To the people who completely ignore the effort put in to inform you about this current situation, well then the only true experience of the results were if you actually experienced them and told about them.  Well, then to you, I hope you have a good life drowning in polluted water with no ozone layer to protect you.

With regards,
Cheyenne Phillips





One response

7 05 2008

Great post… as you referenced in your post there are some people who will fight this all the way. There is no downside to “saving the Earth” so why are people so against it!

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