Life, Garbage and National Service for Women

5 05 2008

There will come points in your blogging life that you won’t have anything to blog about..
I have come to that point.

It’s like you know what you want to say but there is no way to really put it in words.or may be you do know how to put it in words but it just doesn’t look right. Sometimes, you feel that it just doesn’t seem useful to society like it is just really nothing anyone would be interested about. The world has better things to worry about like politics and global warming.  Your stuff doesn’t seem as important.

‘Blog about your exams, girl’ my cousin told me.
Hmm, exams… Do I really need to elaborate? It’s a semester test which counts about 50% of your total grade. Need I say more?

Sometimes people talk about things just to fill up empty space and they can go on and on about it when it doesn’t need elaborating. It’s just to fill empty space. Why don’t people try and type something constructive? There might have been something that happened and you are inspired you to write about it, something you heard, something in the news or something you experienced. Please not about what you did or how you feel or all your secrets. Your blog is not private you know. It is on the WORLD WIDE WEB. That means anyone, anywhere around the world can read it. Not everyone wants to know your private lives.
By writing a diary on your blog, its just another way to fill empty space.

Then again, isn’t the Internet like empty space that needs filling up and society helps in filling that empty space with useful, informative articles or useless junk which sometimes can teach important lessons. Please don’t ask me what they are. You have to go find them out yourself.

BLOG stands for bout life or garbage. Everyone has reached this ‘criteria’, if you wish to call it a criteria.  Now I think I will have my say in life or garbage.

Introducing National Service to women. National Service currently trains young Singaporean men for combat if there is a need for it. If you are asking why I’m writing about this now, I am currently watching the Arena(a debate amongst students). This is an argument have had many knickers in a twist. There are benefits and there are disadvantages. However, I feel that Singaporean women should not be obliged to serve National Service but if they wish to, they may. No, I’m not being sexist. National Service for women should not be made mandatory but only on a voluntary basis. Not all women wish to delay their education to serve their country. However, by having an education and going into specific areas do allow women to serve their country. They do not need to serve their country in military areas and if they do wish to, women can always join the armed forces. I don’t see the issue of making it mandatory for women to enter National Service. Oh, and by the way  team which disagreed that women should not enter National Service won. 🙂

Ha ha oh well that’s my life or garbage.




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